perform on a stage or theater

She acts in this play


He acted in `Julius Caesar'


I played in `A Christmas Carol'

Syn: ↑act, ↑play, ↑roleplay
Derivationally related forms:
playactor, ↑playacting, ↑roleplaying (for: ↑roleplay), ↑play (for: ↑play), ↑player (for: ↑play), ↑playing (for: ↑play), ↑actable (for: ↑act), ↑actor (for: ↑act), ↑act (for: ↑act), ↑acting (for: ↑act)
Topics: ↑dramaturgy, ↑dramatic art, ↑dramatics, ↑theater, ↑theatre
Hypernyms: ↑perform
stooge, ↑mime, ↑pantomime, ↑overact, ↑ham it up, ↑ham, ↑overplay, ↑underact, ↑underplay
Verb Group: ↑play, ↑act, ↑represent
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s

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